Seven Florence Tourist Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

With a plethora of historically significant museums, churches and palaces and a modern and cosmopolitan vibe, the fabulous city of Florence truly has something to offer everyone. If you’re planning a visit to the Renaissance city or maybe even considering investing in a luxury property in Tuscany then make sure you don’t miss these top attractions.

1. Piazza della Signora

The heart of historic Florence, this inimitable square incorporates the beautiful Palazzo Vechio and an engaging exhibit of open air sculptures. Pay a visit to the lavishly decorated public rooms of the Palazzo Vechio, the city’s town hall, or take a peek by appointment at a private apartment! The Palazzo’s ‘Secret Routes’ tour takes you through the building’s attic and hidden rooms, or you can even enjoy an outdoor painting workshop.

2. The Baptistry

The green and white marble of the 11th century Baptistry needs to be seen to be believed. Within its walls you’ll discover incredible ancient mosaics and a perfectly preserved marble pavement depicting the zodiac. The Baptistry is ituated off Piazza del Duomo and is open every day.

3. Galleria degli Uffizi

This impressive museum houses the most important collection of Renaissance art in the world, which makes it extremely well visited so buy tickets before you go to avoid a long wait to get in. Amongst the incredible exhibits you’ll find works by Raphael, Perugino, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto and Michelangelo.

4. Pitti Palace and Boboli Garden

The Giardino di Boboli is an enormous park set on a hillside slap bang in the centre of Florence. Here you can enjoy stunningly landscaped gardens, an incredible array of ornate fountains and amazing views of the city. The Pitti Palace, set within the garden incorporates eight separate galleries packed with glittering jewellery, elaborate costumes and ancient art works highlighting the luxury feel that the Tuscany region has to offer.

5. Sant’ Ambrogio Market

You’ll find plenty of souvenirs and places to eat in Florence’s Central Market but if you want to shop like a local then take a trip to Sant’ Ambrogio market instead. This much smaller market is situated across town and will give you a taste of the real Florence. The market is ideal for picking up all your Italian essentials like fresh pasta, plump olives and a huge range of delicious fruit and veg.

6. Piazza Ciompi

Somewhat off the beaten track, this little square houses a daily flea market packed with quiet stalls selling an enticing mish-mash of items such as antiques, old postcards and vintage books. Whether you prefer your purchases to be unique or simply love a bargain, you won’t want to miss a visit to this square.

7. La Chiostrina

Situated in the luxury hotel Bernini, La Chiostrina restaurant is the perfect place to sample both a traditional and modern take on Italian cuisine. The light and airy dining area is constructed within a renovated courtyard built over 200 years ago and offers an innovative menu packed with tasty treats. This restaurant is popular and a little pricy so book well in advance – and if you can’t stretch to dinner, try the tempting and affordable light lunch menu instead.

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